Encryptosend Code of Ethics

As a platform that is designed to help make people's online lives more secure we have a code of ethics, a mission statement without profit, if you like, that we develop our tools and policies around

  1. We will never share information about our users with anybody outside of JTC Labs (the author of this project)
  2. We will never read, or attempt to read, messages sent through our platform, or allow anybody to do the same. We have made it as difficult as possible to reverse engineer the way we store messages
  3. We will only monitor and store data (excluding your messages) for the purposes of system improvements and load management, and to prevent abuse of our system
  4. We will respond as quickly and robustly as possible to all reports of abuse of our platform. We will not allow our platform to be hijacked by those who want to use untraceable anonymity to send abusive messages
  5. We will take every reasonable precaution to protect data stored on our platform, even if it is only stored for a short period of time
  6. We will continue to maintain and improve our security protocols to keep up with ever changing international standards