About Encryptosend

Hey there, I'm JohnoTheCoder from JTC Labs, and I built Encryptosend to solve a really basic problem.

People across both my personal and professional life were sharing information with each other that was really quite sensitive, but they were sharing it in really insecure ways. Sending passwords or bank details, or anything like that through social platforms or plain text email just isn't safe.

So, I built a quick and easy to use, intuitive system to allow those kinds of messages to be shared securely, knowing they will be destroyed, they cannot be snooped, and they can be delivered right to the inbox of the person you want to have it.

My hope for this humble little platform is simple, I want to be able to send things to my family which I wouldn't want to be discovered, and I want it to be done safely. If other people can benefit from this too, then that's great for me. The internet is about sharing our creations with the world.

System Security

Naturally, as this is a very security-conscious platform, you may well want to know about the security precautions that have been taken with your messages.

Everything we do, especially from a security standpoint, conforms to our Code of Ethics.

  1. Everything sent to and from our server, via your web browser, is encrypted using the accepted industry standards required to deal with most card payment gateways
  2. Messages are encrypted using industry standard Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) - read more about AES on Wikipedia
  3. Access codes are hashed using Argon2 which is an accepted international hashing mechanism for the safe storage of passwords
  4. If an access code is input incorrectly too many times, the message is destroyed
  5. Unclaimed messages, that is messages which have not been retrieved within 6 hours, are automatically removed from our database
  6. Links created to display encrypted messages are as long as possible, whilst being short enough to copy and paste, so that it is much more difficult to snoop a working URL

NB: the difference between a hash and an encryption is that a (secure) hash cannot be turned back into its original string, instead one can only check if a given value matches the hash (like a password), whereas encrypted values can be decrypted back to their original state.